Monday, February 20, 2012

Over the Edge

It's not the truth I see
It's just a mockery
Don't need to waste my time
You know I've really tried
You take and never give
It gets so hard to live
I'm hangin' on a ledge
Push me over the edge

Don't do the things you do
Don't have to oblige you
Make choices on my own
Don't buy their trite and drone
Grow up and be a man
Drop dead right right where I stand
I'm hangin' on a ledge
Push me over the edge

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Screaming out loud this time

Never forget
You can't escape destiny
If you could
Wouldn't it be called possibility instead?

Never baptise possibility destiny
Never baptise destiny coincidence either

Things build up with an intent;
To be destroyed again

Rise to the peak
Violently tumble down

All the time
Full order,any order
or no order at all

Build up the strongest fort
Build up the strongest castle
Watch it vanish like sand

Everything returns to its source
Everything returns to the void
It's destined to
Can't be otherwise
What do you expect to believe?
Mathematical proof?

Intuition and paranoia flirt each other
They both share the same black and purple veil
Scenarios are hypothetical
They might hold truth; some or all or none
Create a bad,hurtful scenario
Say it isn't so

Paranoia turns possibility into actuality
Intuition does the same

To the point of no return and back
In the midst of a cold dead moon night

Alone and half-naked
in a wretched house on the hill

Wild animals lust for your corpse
They can wait you dead forever
Urging to caress your body with their teeth

Losing faith and expecting noone to help
Losing faith in humanity and there's no way back
Women or men
Trust becomes paranoia
Hope becomes despair
Love turns frozen
Anger boils scorching

Erase your fucking head
And hurt your own body
Fingers in the eyes
Knife penetrating stomach
Unroot your erected penis

In the dead midst of a no moon night
Violent wind cursing every inch of your existence
Several beings lurking around but you remain alone
As always, as ever,born alone,living alone,dying alone
like clichees written in some book of cheap philosophy
for middle-class wankers and sluts to read and feel profound
but they only deceive their nothingness,masking it with significance

Say it isn't so

Ashes to ashes,dust to dust
acid to acid,rust to rust
Biochemical reactions
Dangerous chemistry
Dangerous drugs
Dangerous thoughts
Dangerous universe

Scream out loud pals and gals
Scream out loud this time,not silently
And tell them all to fuck off
Stick their ugly ego up their ass and you
You,pals and gals, leave this world behind
Escape even if for a moment
Leave this world behind

In the dead mist of a cold moon night
The world is ending and it's about time
Fearful in the past but now I'm just smiling sly
Leave this world and dream the most intense dream
the most intense nightmare,the most intense trip
Stand strong and don't break;break it out
Against all the fuckers,the screwheads,the bitches
The warmongers,the hypocrites,the money-hungry

Cry out loud; be it joy
Laugh out loud; be it sadness
Let the tear shed anyhow
Let it exist shortly
Wipe it out
Fuck the past or the future or any other siblings of anxiety
Tune into the music and let live the transformation

Men or women
Paranoia becomes trust
Despair becomes hope
Love melts into liquid,flowing
Anger vapours out,vanishing

A free being standing proud and humble
In the sweet mist of a breezing starless night
Looking up the sky,ignoring the moon,fearless
Variations of blue,purple and black everywhere

Surrounding sounds of beauty,slight shivers of happiness
Harmony towards the inner and the outer,equally
It's you
The One
The Tao
The Universe
The eternal Noname

Accept it and smile free at last
It's your destiny

Saturday, February 11, 2012