Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Χριστούγεννα πλατεία

Χριστούγεννα χριστουγεννα
Πλατεια εξαρχειων
Αλητικοι πλατειακοι
Ανω των υπογειων

Monday, December 19, 2011

Screaming silently

I know that very well
The universe just is
no whys,no hows
no reasons,no causes
no meaning other than our
human projections

I can't help it though
I think noone can
So here I stand again
Asking why
Asking how
Trying to understand,
Screaming silently
smashing beer bottles violently
against the fucking wall

Our perceptions are devoid
totally devoid
of any objective validity

Handicapped existences

Doomed to wonder
Cursed to doubt
Urged to change
Forced to choose

Screaming silently
smashing beer bottles violently
against the fucking wall

Suffering violently
fucked up stomach
blame it all on the red wine

Be patient they say
Time heals they say
Same old fucking sayings

Waiting in melancholy
Trapped in nostalgy
Until it fades out
And it fades in

I bet that sometimes
Even buddha loses patience
He feels the urge to
smash beer bottles violently
against the fucking wall

No ambient music can heal it
Maybe just soothe it,
just a little bit
Better than nothing they say

Staring at walls
Calling god names
Thinking of people
Thinking of women
Thinking of her cunt
Getting dizzy

Jealousy is a reflex
Try to change that;
confusion is next

Taking a decision
Failing to follow it
Why are we programmed this way?
I don't care who
But why and how drills my mind

Let's resort to determinism
Let destiny be
our heroine
our heroin
Everything is on a trail
We are on a trail
We can't escape fate
We can only hope it decent
or dream it magnificent
or accept it miserable

I can't help but wonder
Why on that trail,people?
Mutilated by love
or the lack of it
too much or none

fashion victims
lost talents


That stinky smell
of a rotten society
can't be avoided

It spreads and pollutes

You feel like becoming
a lucifer messiah
screaming out loud
stabbing stupid males
and deflowering virgins

But you only go so far
as to scream silently
smashing beer bottles violently
against the fucking wall

What I am supposed to do?
How can I be so stoic
born in the late 80s

I think and try futile stuff
I am cursed and programmed like this
Screaming silently
Smashing beer bottles violently
against the fucking wall

Monday, December 12, 2011


Here you are

Pretending happiness
Pretending sanity

Tending to ignore
what you are
Tending to be
What you aren't

Pretending sorrow
Pretending illness

Tending to exaggerate
everything; overloading with
meaning; what is devoid of

Pull off your fucking mask
Amen to that
Let's see your dirty raw psyche
I don't care if I can handle it